There is hardly any woman who does not like to have a perfect body with perfect shape. From the beauty point of view, the size of the breasts also matters a lot,and hence all those females who are with small breasts try numerous options to increase the size over a period. There are cosmetic as well as surgical options also available,but they are not considered safe enough. Breast size can be enhanced by very simple and easy ways. Below are given some tried and tested ways to enhance the bust size.

  • Practice a good posture

Maintaining a good posture is avery important feature when it comes to breast shape and size. Many women find their breasts to be of smaller size than they actually are due to their slouched or slumped posture. It is a must to straighten up in order to achieve a boost in the bust line. One should always stand up straight, draw the shoulders back and hold the head high. Push the chest out while walking as you stand up. This is a small step thus very effective. The results of this small trick are quite good.

  • Wearing long clothes with adorable embellishments

You can always make your breasts look larger than its actual size by wearing the right clothes. Women always make their breast look bigger by wearing clothes that enhance the natural curves. Wearing shirts with thefrilly, ruffled or puffy material is an easy way to increase the bust size.Well worn scarves can also be used to have an illusionary look of big breasts.Shirts with horizontal striped patterns can also be worn to enhance the breast size. This is the same reason why the people with extra pounds avoid wearing such clothes.

  • Wear the correct bra size

Wearing a wrong size bra can change the shape of the breasts. A bra that is too small or large can make the breasts look smaller than their actual size. A large bra makes the boobs lift thus making them looks shabby. On the other hand, a poorly sized bra can be very uncomfortable. Thus, wearing the right sized bra is very important inmaintaining the shape of the breast.

  • Use a padded bra

A nice padded bra can add a considerable volume to your bust. Push up bras adds a lot of lift to the breasts thus making them looks firmer and perkier. Using such bras can enhance the breast size and be a great quick fix for the outfits which demand larger chest.This is an easy way to enhance the breast size and give them a proper shape.


  • Avoid thin or tight bras

Avoid lacy or thin bras if you are concerned with your bust size. Such bras may look good on mannequins but are very unflattering in real life. Also, avoid using tight bras like the sports bra as they de-shape the breasts and flatten the chest. They can be a good option if you are working out but using them in everyday life is not recommended. Thus, wear a padded bra to give an extra bust to your curves.